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The Symphony Orchestra of RN - OSRN was established in 1976 and continues with all hard to do a much educational work with the formation of new audiences, the quality of music broadcast, be it classical or popular.

Linus Lerner is praised for his musical influence and charisma, he conducted several groups in the United States, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Mexico, Spain and Turkey. Conductor Linus is regent of OSRN since 2012.

Emmanuele Baldini

The 2019 season of OSRN includes greats invitees as the violinist Emmanuele Baldini.

Currently the orchestra has 60 musicians who rehearsing daily in the Children's Town, the OSRN headquarters and continues with all hard to carry out educational work for the formation of young musicians.


March 26, 2019

The “Terças Clássicas” project shows in march, another concert of the season in 2019 the Symphony Orchestra of Rio Grande do Norte (OSRN) at the Teatro Riachuelo, in Natal, Brazil. Under the baton of Dr. Linus Lerner conductor, the presentation will include the participation soloists musicians as special guests. The show is scheduled for march 26 2019, from 08 pm, with free admission with prior removal of tickets.

LOT FIRST 500 tickets will be distributed freely by prior reservation between 19 and 20 march the form available right here on the website of OSRN. Each registered CPF is entitled to two (2) tickets. Read here the information relating to the period for withdrawal of the tickets and the necessary procedure.

Obs.: Tickets that are not removed during this period, even though it was registered here on the website of OSRN, will become part of the second batch.

SECOND LOT will have 300 tickets and will be distributed to the public on march 26 starting at 10 am in the gallery Fernando Chiriboga. Interested customers must present their CPF at the box office along with a photo ID and will have the right to withdraw a maximum of 2 tickets. Tickets will be printed unmarked. There will be no queue after distribution of all tickets and only customers with tickets can enter the theater.


The Symphony Orchestra of RN performs a useful work presenting official concerts at the Teatro Riachuelo, external popular concerts, educational concerts for the entire school system and special concerts within the state.

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